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Sep,18 2018

Housing Partners - recognised as innovators in the sector   Read More..

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Housing Partners
Sep,13 2018

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council run a busy and proactive Housing and Homelessness Prevention Team. With a heavy... Read More..

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Housing Partners
Aug,23 2018

We’re always keen to review HomeSwapper from a Registered Provider (RP) and Landlord point of view, in order to share... Read More..

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Housing Partners
Aug,11 2018

Housing Jigsaw has been designed to support housing officers on the frontline to meet the requirements of the new... Read More..

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Housing Partners
Jul,25 2018

Fed up working with spreadsheets? Or have you got a software idea that you think could really make a difference? ... Read More..

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Housing Partners
Jul,16 2018

The fourth annual NPSS National Conference was held on 3rd and 4th July; and as partners in building Housing Jigsaw,... Read More..

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