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Aug,04 2017

Front line staff at Cadwyn Housing Association will be empowered to further support their tenants to future proof... Read More..

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Oliver Florence
Jul,19 2017

Established in 1976, Cardiff Community Housing Association (CCHA) has some 2,800 homes which are managed in the... Read More..

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Jay Dudley
Jul,19 2017

Two Rivers Housing, an independent not-for-profit social landlord owning nearly 4,000 homes across Gloucestershire... Read More..

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Jason Eakins
Jul,04 2017

Hafod is a not-for-profit social landlord established in 1968 and is a member of the Hendre Group; one of the largest... Read More..

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Jay Dudley
Jul,04 2017

New case management system to assist practitioners deliver the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 Housing Partners has... Read More..

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Matt Baumber
May,30 2017

Thursday 25th May saw the great and the good of social housing from across the nation descend on Manchester’s... Read More..

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Simon Hollingsworth